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Roulette Table

Having the upper hand in a lot of cases just means that you have more information than the other individuals that you are surrounded with. In this case it means know your surroundings which include the roulette wheel and that's what we will be covering here, the roulette table.

There is only one standard table out there other than omitting the 00 in the European style game. If you look at the table you will see some consistency in it, with the numbers rotating from black to read and odd to even.

The board can be broken down into two main sections, outside and inside. A lot of times you will hear this referred to as inside or outside bets. This means that the table has two sections and the main differences are the odds.

Outside Bets

First let's consider the outside bets, they are easier and less risky than inside bets and thus the reason for starting with them first. I would definitely recommend anyone that is just starting out with roulette to start with outside bets.

If you take a look at the roulette table, you will see a section with no color (no colored numbers I mean) and this is considered the area for outside bets. There are five choices here to consider.
  • Column Bet - This is a bet that encompasses a list of numbers and is located at the bottom of the columns and given the odds of 38:12.
  • Dozen Bet - If you bet the dozen then it means you are betting on the first 1/3, second 1/3 or third 1/3 of numbers. This bets odds are 38:12 as well.
  • Red/Black Bet - This allows you to bet on whether the ball will stop on a red or black number. This bets odds 38:18 are and is a great bet to start with.
  • Odd/Even Bet - This two is much like the red/black bet. Its odds are 38:18 and are a great place for first time roulette players.
  • Low/High Bet - This final outside bet pays 38:18 and allows the player to choose the top 18 numbers or the bottom 18 numbers.

Inside bets

Ok, now you have a handle on what an outside bet is, let's move inside. In side bets are a little more advanced, but not out of the grasp of anyone that is willing to spend a couple of minutes reading.

If you look at the roulette table, you will see all thirty-seven or thirty-eight numbers. This is the area that we are now dealing with and there are six different inside bets that you can choice from.
  • Straight up Bet - A straight up bet is placing your chips on any single number. You better be careful not to have it touch any of the lines around it or it will change your bet completely. The odds for this bet are 38:1.
  • Split Bet - This is done by placing your chips on the line between two numbers. So maybe you want to play 11 and 14. All you have to do is place your chips on the line between the two and its odds are 38:2.
  • Street Bet - For this bet you place your chips on the end of a three number row. For example on the end of the row with the numbers, 19, 20 and 21. This bets odds are 38:3.
  • Corner Bet - As the name indicates, this is done when you want to place a bet on a corner of four numbers. The odds are 38:4.
  • Five Number bet - This is a bet that can only be made in one spot on the roulette table. The location is on the corner of the single 0 and 1. This has the odds 38:5.
  • Line Bet - This covers six numbers and is done much the same as a street bet but on the line that separates a street bet. The odds for this bet are 38:6.
Now that you know the roulette table layout it should be time to start considering the odds and strategies for playing the game. You should feel confident at this time to be able to go into any casino and sit/stand at any roulette table. If you have any doubt about anything just read through these pages a couple of times and you will soon realize that there really isn't much to it!

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