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Roulette Strategy

Do you consider yourself a perfectionist or even a person that takes pride in what they participate in? Having a good strategy is the beginning of any athlete's game plan and you to should have one in order to effectively play roulette.

A good roulette strategy always starts out with the attitude of the individual that is playing. This can take you from the all-time lows right back up to the all-time highs.

Now for the hard part about roulette strategy and that is there really isn't one. Aside from having that positive attitude, playing the European game is recommended as the house edge is only 2.7%, compared to the 5.26% edge on the American table. The difference with the two is that one has only thirty-seven numbers compared to thirty-eight.

Roulette Strategy to improve your winnings:

  • Wager on low-odds and even-money bets as they offer the lowest house advantage when playing roulette
  • Only play at casinos that offer European roulette. With that extra zero in American roulette, the house has a 5.3% advantage where as with European roulette, the house has a 2.7% advantage
  • We recommend that you only play roulette for brief periods of time
  • Don't bet on the five-spot or top line (0, 00, 1, 2, 3) on American roulette
  • Set a specific target amount of money to play roulette with. Once you lose it, quit. Roulette should be played for its entertainment value
When it comes right down to playing the game of roulette there are many things that can make the experience more enjoyable, but nothing can take away the house edge the casino has. Remembering that the game is totally random and that just because a black number game up three times in a row doesn't mean that the next one must be a red can save you a lot of money. One of my favorite tips to give and I forgot to mention it above is to be consistent.

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