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I am going to jump right into the meat on this one, no beating around the bush here. Roulette is an extremely exciting game to get yourself involved with. With every spin of the wheel you are able to win up to 35 times the money you put on the table. These are some of the best payouts in the casino so take advantage of it.

Roulette dates back to the early 17th century where it was introduced in Europe by a French scientist, Blaise Pascal. The game has changed a few times throughout its history, adding the zeros, changing the color, and making the wheel physically bigger to name a few.

If you are intrigued by roulette, it is definitely recommended by most to go out and try it. I personally love this casino game. It was one of the first games I ever played when I decided to go into my first casino and that transferred right to the online casinos that you see today.

It must be the excitement that comes over you when you are standing around a large table with a group of friends that makes it one of the casinos number one games. It sure is funny how quickly you will develop friendships standing around this table as well. There is a common bond that we all share when we are gambling at the casino and that is that we are there to take down the house, not each other.

The wheel is comprised of thirty-eight numbers, from 0 up to 36. I know you are asking yourself where is the extra number, well there is an extra 00 in the American wheel and they actually exclude the 00 in the European wheel. This is why when a lot of people go out to the casino to play roulette; they look for the favored European wheel. If you do manage to find this version of roulette being played, count yourself lucky as the house edge has just dropped and swung in your favor at 2.7%. You can read more about the odds of roulette on the roulette odds page.

With the constant action and excitement with every spin, I don't know how one person can walk past this exhilarating game. Over time you will develop strategies that will aid you in your play and with some perseverance you will become a top notch roulette player. If you are looking for more tips and tricks for when you go out to the casino or to play on an online casino read through this site. I will promise you that you will walk away with knowing a lot more about roulette and how to conquer this gratifying game. See Roulette Europe.

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