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Roulette Rules

With the spin of the wheel the game is on. Wait a minute, I got over excited and jumped right over one of the main processes of the game and that would be the insignificant betting part (not really so insignificant).

To start off, there are outside and inside bets to consider when you are going to make your first move. In laymen's terms, the outside bets are easier and should be played if you are a first time roulette player. You can read more about inside and outside bets on the roulette table page.

So if you are continuing on now or if you just came back from reading about inside or outside bets, the next thing that happens is the croupier, (the dealer or the individual that is controlling the game flow) after a few minutes of people placing bets, will start the ball on its journey of spinning around the elegant roulette wheel. As the ball is spinning around the wheel you have a few more moments to place your bets, but as the ball starts to take its final decent into the track the croupier will call, "No more bets, please, no more bets". This indicates that there shall be no more bets placed on the table and if someone tries the croupier will remove those bets from the table.

When the ball comes to rest and the winning number is revealed, the croupier will take a metal object, called the "dolly" and place it on the winning number. After this happens he/she will collect the houses winnings and then payout the players according to their bet on the specific number that won, remembering there are different payouts based on where your bet was placed.

After all of this commotion it is time to start again. That is really all there is to playing a game of roulette. If there were more rules that I should have specified I would have, but the game is as straight forward as I have indicated. The casino likes to keep it this way as they would like to attract as many players as they can. If you would like to take a stab at playing online roulette you might consider going to our free roulette page. There you will find all the information you will need in order to make an educated decision on the software you would like to use.

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